Education Out of Bounds: Reimagining Cultural Studies for a Posthuman Age (Hardcover)

Education Out of Bounds: Reimagining Cultural Studies for a Posthuman Age By T. Lewis, R. Kahn Cover Image
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Through a unique combination of critical, posthumanist, and educational theories, the authors engage in a surreal journey into the worlds of feral children, alien reptoids, and faery faiths in order to understand how social movements are renegotiating the boundaries of community.

About the Author

Tyson E. Lewis is an Assistant Professor of Educational Philosophy at Montclair State University. He is the co-editor of Marcuse's Challenge to Education (2008), and his articles have appeared in journals such as Rethinking Marxism, Culture, Theory, & Critique and Educational Theory. He is also author of a forthcoming book on aesthetics and education. Richard Kahn is Core Faculty in Education at Antioch University Los Angeles. He is the author of Critical Pedagogy, Ecoliteracy, and Planetary Crisis: The Ecopedagogy Movement (2010), as well as of the forthcoming Ecopedagogy: Educating for Sustainability in Schools and Society (2011). For more information, or to find an archive of his essays, see: http: //

Praise For…

"By engaging an encyclopedic range of figures from the philosophical tradition and popular culture, Lewis and Kahn lead us on a fascinating journey to discover the monsters that populate our posthuman world. We are confronted by horrible and fearsome beasts of violence, exploitation, and destruction, but we also recognize ourselves in creative monsters that blur the boundaries between human and nonhuman life. Most impressively, Lewis and Kahn propose paths to train the monsters of our world, a monstrous education, a pedagogy for thebeautifulmonsters we can become." - Michael Hardt, co-author of Commonwealth

"Our cultural fascinations with the monstrous and its omnipresence in our contemporary Western imaginings play center-stage in this provocative exploration of a zoöphilic exopedagogy. From the feral, to the alien, to the faery, Tyson Lewis and Richard Kahn put pressure on our affective comfort zones by asking us what it means to love the monstrous amidst and within us. The answer comes through their theoretically vast and conceptually rich exploration of a radical democratic pedagogy of the unrepresentable." - Davide Panagia, Canada Research Chair in Cultural Studies, Trent University, Co-Editor of Theory and Event, and author of The Political Life of Sensation

"In contrast to anthropocentric education, Lewis and Kahn propose an alternative pedagogy or exopedagogy as a form of posthumanist education. This radical form of cultural informal pedagogy transgresses boundaries of narrow rationality and represents what Lewis and Kahn posit as 'education out of bounds' [...] Supporting new utopian visions, Lewis and Kahn call for a new exo-revolution informed by their project of exopedagogy that would have created theory/practice nexus, which is missing within the present secular and materialist-oriented capitalist discourse." - Teachers College Record

"Education Out of Bounds is refreshing and admirable for its engagement with an assemblage of pedagogical monsters (feral child, alien and faery) that have haunted education. It allows readers to understand education in terms of its systems and logics of exclusion. Moving beyond the text itself, perhaps the most significant question now pertains to what can be done with
such a theory." - Policy Futures in Education

"Lewis and Kahn articulate a refreshingly urgent call for politics free of 'genocide, ecocide, or zoöcide,' and their exopedagogy is a valuable tool for imagining democracy unbound from the division and exploitation of life." - symploke

"In this provocative polemic of posthuman proportions, Lewis and Kahn invite us ... to not only embrace the monsters in our closets, but to become monsters, ourselves, as we experiment with new forms of democratic imagion in this enticingly bold, thought-provoking, boundary breaking book, that brings to bear the limitations of humanism and suggests ways to transcend them." - Educational Studies

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