Youth Crime in America: A Modern Synthesis (Paperback)

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This new book introduces readers to the latest developments in delinquency theory and research by providing a clear, jargon-free, in-depth treatment of the most recent and significant writings in the field. It provides wide coverage of youth crime, delinquency, and the justice system without overwhelming readers with dual and often confusing statements. Streamlined and easily readable, Youth Crime in America covers such topics as: social issues and youth crime; official data and victim surveys; American adolescence today; theories of youth crime; Chicago School and strain/anomie theories; social control and sensation seeking; the family and youth crime; schools; peers; the police; the juvenile court system; and corrections and prevention. A useful guide for those in the youth criminal justice system, as well as educators, therapists, and others that work with adolescents.

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ISBN: 9780130261847
ISBN-10: 013026184X
Publisher: Pearson
Publication Date: June 20th, 2004
Pages: 352
Language: English