Book Fairs at our stores

Book Fairs and Green Apple


What we provide:

1. In-store book fair, one week in duration, culminating in a p.t.s.a. 'happy hour' (including noshes and beverages that any volunteers wish to provide) on the last day.

2. Space on our shelves advertising the fair and some recommended titles.

3. A donation box so that anyone can purchase a book and leave it to be donated when the fair is over. 

4. A wish list box with index cards for students to fill out to ask for titles they want to see in their library, which anyone can purchase at any time and leave in the donation box. 

5. Bookmarks with the title, price and quantity desired for anyone to purchase for the school library or classrooms, to be ordered and delivered to your school after the fair (see #1 below).

6. 15% of sales of book fair titles (with coupon), to be donated to your p.t.s.a. after event is over. 


What you provide us:

1. A wish list from teachers and librarians, indicating the title, edition desired, and quantity (be it a class set or to fill out the library shelves). Generally, a list of 15 to 20 titles is best, as it focuses the parents on the needs of the school. 


Addendum: these are not hard and fast rules for our book fair/fundraisers, and we can accomodate to meet your specific needs as necessary. 


Thank you so very much for partering with us for your event. We hope to accomodate your every need, and ensure you have a great experience working with us. But don't take our word for it, ask René from St. Anne's who we recently partnered with: "It was a great week! I was quite impressed with our turnout Friday and how much was raised throughout the week. Everyone at Green Apple was incredibly kind and inviting. Since the event I have had many compliments regarding green apple. It was truly great in every aspect." 


And if you have any further questions please contact:

Ashley Despain: kids book section wizard extraordinaire (415) 387-2272