Limited Quantity Signed Books

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Wolf in White Van (Signed)
Model: S9780374292089

10:04 (Signed)
Model: S9780865478107

More Curious (Signed)
Model: S9781940450179

Narrow Road to the Deep North (Signed)
Model: S9780385352857

Short-listed for the Man Booker PrizeĀ 

Richard Flanagan is the author of Gould's Book of Fish, one of my favorite novels and a staggering feat of ventriloquism and bravura storytelling. I thought it impossible that Flanagan could surpass that achievement... until I read The Narrow Road to the Deep North. Telling the story of the little-known Death Railway constructed using slave and prison labor between Thailand and Burma during WW2, this is an epic of love and war. Intimate and sweeping, it's a book filled with unforgettable characters and harrowing action. It will stick with you. -- SS

California (Signed)
Model: S9780316250818

Last Stories and Other Stories (Signed)
Model: S9780670015979

Bark (Signed)
Model: S9780307594136