Kobo eReaders and Accessories

One of the great benefits of partnering with Kobo is that we are now able to sell Kobo eReaders. These eReaders are affordable, easy to read on, simple to use, and give you direct access to the Kobo store where you can buy eBooks through us, which you can still read on these eReaders or on any other wireless device. 

Or set up an account with Kobo now, and Green Apple will get a portion of all your purchases.


Book List
Kobo Glo
Model: 681495000142
The Glo makes eReading a simple pleasure with its gently lit screen, enduring battery life and the capacity to hold 1,000 eBooks at once. 

Kobo Aura HD
Model: 0681495005529
The Aura is the talisman of the Kobo line, a delight for the lifelong bookworm.  The large, luxurious screen is simply a joy to read on.  Aura packs a punch, able to store 3,000 eBooks at once.  The Kobo Aura HD ships from our warehouse and will take a little longer to arrive.