Introducing Green Apple Books on the Park

Artwork by Roman Muradov 
We are excited to announce that Green Apple Books is expanding! On August 1, 2014, we will open a new store on 9th Avenue in the Inner Sunset. More details will follow as we prepare to open the store.
Wait!? Are you closing the 506 Clement location?
No way! In defiance of anyone who says print is dead, we’re going to have TWO locations, each with its own personality and focus.
Where will the new store be located?
1231 9th Ave. in the Inner Sunset, in the building currently occupied by Le Video. [MAP]
Are you partnering with Le Video?
We are sharing space with Le Video, who will be moving to the 2nd floor of the building they currently occupy.  We're cohabitating, not marrying.
When will you open?
We’re aiming to open as early in August as we can.
What will your hours be? 
We're thinking we'll be open 10am-10pm, seven days a week, though that's subject to change.  
Will you buy used books? 
We will offer select buying hours, as yet to be determined. We will not be buying used books in August.
What kind of bookstore is Green Apple Books on the Park?
Much like Green Apple at 506 Clement, Books on the Park will be a generalist bookstore with new and used books.  We'll emphasize children's books, fiction, cookbooks, and new releases. And we'll do our best to adapt quickly to whatever the neighborhood most wants.  Think less dust, more breathing room, and plenty of fine books.
Will you hold events at the new store?
As anyone who’s been to 506 Clement knows, space is at a premium. Books on the Park will be more open so that we can host in-store events. We are also excited to partner with neighborhood business for out of store events.
How can I stay connected to I don’t miss anything?
Follow the new store on Twitter and/or Facebook and keep an eye on our website, too.