Shake 'em Up!: A Practical Handbook of Polite Drinking (Hardcover)

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As the authors say: Shake Em Up is for People Who Fling Parties, People Who Go to Parties . . . People Who Don t Really Drink but Feel That a Cocktail or Two Enlivens Conversation in short, for the American People, and that's as true today as it was upon the book's original publication, in the twelfth year of Volstead, 1930. Virginia Elliott and Phil D. Stong created a handbook for polite if not entirely legal drinking during the height of Prohibition, but the advice remains sound, the voice charming, and the cocktails strong. Whether you re looking for the proper way to mix a Brandy Punch, what you ought to serve alongside a Bijou Cocktail, or a dependable hangover cure, Shake Em Up has you covered. Need advice on how to catch up with your already-inebriated guests, or guidance on what to do when said guests end up a little too inebriated? Here, too, Shake Em Up will point you in the right direction. Looking for a step-by-step guide to making bathtub gin? Well, sadly, that page has been censored by the United States District Attorney for the Southern District of New York. An essential addition to the library of any cocktailians, entertainers, nostalgics, or those who just like to relax with a cold beverage, Shake Em Up delivers all the joy of a Jazz-Age cocktail party, without the fear of temperance officers knocking down your door.

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ISBN: 9781935639602
ISBN-10: 1935639609
Publisher: Tin House Books
Publication Date: May 28th, 2013
Pages: 123
Language: English