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Three New Books We Like

Preparing the Ghost

by Matthew Gavin Frank

Frank's meandering essay on the giant squid is my favorite book of the summer. Charting his own obsession with the creature and its long history of obsessing others, Frank follows many trails in search of this elusive beast. Written with the page-turning urgency of a novel, this is a stunning work of non-fiction.

by B. Zombory-Moldovan

This recently unearthed, never previously published memoir of the Great War is a stunning portrait of a world on the cusp of vanishing. Written with urgency and a melancholy resignation over his fate and that of his country, Zombory-Moldovan's story is a haunting indictment of the horrors  of war.

by Yelena Akhtiorskaya

This stunning and stunningly composed debut comes highly touted by nearly every major review publication (there's hype, then there's flat out astonishment). The story of a family, Panic in a Suitcase is an immigrant's tale, full of humor, pathos, and poignancy.


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