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Three New Books We Like

Inventions That Didn't Change the World

by Julie Halls

An irreverent and often hilarious account of useless inventions that were patented in Victorian era, including the ventilating top-hat, an anti-explosive alaram whistle, and a currant-cleaning machine. Kind of like a forshadowing of a future book called Apps That Didn't Change the World.


by Kem Nunn 

Set in San Francisco, Chance is sharp and gritty noir, involving multiple personality disorder, rare furniture forgeries, abusive and corrupt police detectives, sexy sexy sex, and the forensic psychiatrist who delves deep into the dark side in an effort to hold all of this together.


by Richard McGuire

Richard McGuire's long-awaited graphic novel Here is a poignant look at a tiny corner of the universe throughout the history of earth. Using an innovative frame structure to convey a sense of time, Here is an impressive step forward for the genre.

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