We are excited to announce that Green Apple Books is expanding! On August 1, 2014, we will open a new store on 9th Avenue in the Inner Sunset. More details will follow as we prepare to open the store.

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Three New Books We Like

La Grande

by Juan Jose Saer

To call Juan Jose Saer Argentina's greatest novelist is not hyperbole. (Indeed, some call him the most important Argentine writer after Borges.) La Grande, his last, unfinished novel--of the last chapter there exists only a sentence--is perhaps despite its incomplete state, his masterpiece.

by Marcelo Gleiser

The Island of Knowledge is a lucid account of the extent (and limits) of our knowledge of the universe. As revealed through a history of scientific development, Gleiser's work demonstrates the usefulness of incompleteness and uncertainty

by Jane Gardam

Jane Gardam has been called the "greatest British writer you've never heard of," though we're trying, in our modest way, to make the label obsolete. Collected for the first time, Gardam's stories capture the same mischievous and sly humor as in her novels. A delight!


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